Suggest a topic, sign up for a lightning talk or Powerpoint karaoke

Not sure what you want to hear about at Library Camp? Got a burning bee in your bonnet?

Pop over to the Google Doc and add your topic, offer to do a session, sign up to give a lightning  talk or throw your hat into the ring to compete in the Powerpoint Karaoke….

You can get to the Session Suggestion Google Doc here ..

Lightning Talks to start the day at Libcampoz 2016

Do you have a library story, project, or initiative you’d like to share with other information professionals in an informal environment?

Why not give a three-minute lightning talk at Library Camp Australia 2016?

We will welcome any contribution, whether you’ve given a public talk before or not, and regardless of what type of information organisation you work or study in.

Feel free to give a short talk on anything you’ve achieved or lessons you’ve learnt. The lightning talks will be organised on the day – all you need to do is turn up!

Theme: anything to do with libraries or information management!

The only rule? Keep your talk to three minutes. We will be cutting you short and moving on to the next person at exactly 3 minutes.

If you are interested in doing this, please sign up on the session suggestions Google Doc

Library Camp Australia is back for 2016

    • Date: Friday 12 February 2016
    • Time: 9:30am for morning tea for a 10am start until 3:30ish
    • Place: Building 80, RMIT
    • Food: BYO plate to share. No lunchbreak, but all-day grazing/breakout room and a 20 min midday breather
    • Sponsors: RMIT. More wanted. Please contact Lisa Miller ( if you would like to sponsor the event
    • Theme: Anything to do with libraries
    • Participate: This will be run as an unconference, with participants deciding sessions on the day. There will probably be Powerpoint Karaoke, Lightning Talks and maybe a Fight Club plus any session you want to be part of…
    • Register NOW!!!
    • This is a no-frills, but quality, event with no admission charge.

Cover it Live! the tweets are captured

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What people have offered to talk about

Just like yesterday’s post, people have offered to talk about different things.

Here is their list….


  • research data management support provided by Australian libraries,
  • digitisation
  • Social networking.
  • Facilitate on – social media, the death of print, mobile devices, OER. Could speak briefly on learning objects and ownership (with respect to OER) if required
  • Happy to facilitate anything cloud, public library, makerspace, technology, web related.
  • research tools
  • Freedom, let’s make it more than just another word for nothing left to lose.
  • Maker Spaces and digital hubs
  • Working overseas – job boards, resources, making connections, professional community culture elsewhere (how is the profession viewed or perceived in different countries), likely job prospects.
  • happy to speak about:creative learning spaces in libraries – the boom of makerspaces and hands-on learningmarketing librariesdividing lending from learning – two kinds of libraries
  • I’m happy to present a session on Book Arts!  What’s it all about?  The focus of book arts is about telling stories using the form of the book and not just it’s text.
  • I can facilitate a session on disruptive IM technologies: e.g. ‘Whats App’ and ‘Viber’
  • Open social web tools
  • Little/easy/cheap ways for libraries to encourage use of/contribution to open access content
  • Researching sports information
  • The influence of the National Year of Reading. Was it good for libraries? Have there been enduring benefits? (cross-sectoral topic).
  • Community Development

What topics do people want to hear about at #Libcamp14?

Are you coming to #Libcamp14- have you got your t-shirt yet?  (Go and get one, i’ll wait).

So you now have your t-shirt, and you are thinking, maybe I will talk about something….

Well, here is a list of what people have suggested they would like to hear about (just in case you were wondering)….

  • Maker spaces 2 years on
  • Job market now
  • Being made redundant and re-skilling.  What other possibilities are there?
  • Changing technologies, what will have the most impact?
  • Social media – to do or not to?
  • Digital/community hubs as the new library space, digitisation, maker spaces,
  • how new grads can get experience when every position requires experience, how to  network with librarians when you don’t work in a library yet.
  • Social networking, computers and devices, community libraries, YA reading.
  • Best apps. Favourite (relevant) blog. Building communities in the workplace (or workplace culture).
  • upskilling librarians for the sciences and the digital tools that scientists use.
  • Sharing knowledge and collaborating on LIS via social media (esp twitter: how can we be betterer at capturing knowledge on social networks?)
  • The future of libraries
  • Starting a new job in a library.. Getting past the nerves
  • Finding your first library job
  • Reader Development
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Adult literacy
  • Engaging young people in public libraries
  • Getting a job in IM.
  • Up and coming technologies that may affect IM.
  • Building on the degree – how can we fill gaps in skills & knowledge (and prove them to prospective employers)
  • Libraries and sustainability/green libraries,
  • advice for library studies students,
  • libraries and social justice,
  • progressive libraries in conservative times/libraries and politics,
  • partnerships between libraries and other services…
  • What do libraries and their staff actually want to gain from RDA?-
  • Learning to code: Has anyone done it? How, why, what language(s) and what are the benefits?
  • the death of the library technician
  • I’d like to hear more about specialist and research libraries and the innovations in these libraries
  • providing online services and connecting with patrons via social media.
  • Libraries as third spaces, the role of libraries in lessening socioeconomic/opportunity gaps
  • Social media in LIS collaboration
  • Digital services delivery,
  • social media in libraries,
  • staff technology training,
  • eBook/eAudio services to customers,
  • digitising collections,
  • authentication of library members to services
  • libraries as meeting places, libraries as computer hubs, libraries as an alternative to shopping in leisure time
  • libraries as a wealth of information
  • library events – ie classes/authors speaking etc
  • Anything RFID relatedAnything Google Maps (or GIS) related
  • Anything QR code related
  • I’m particularly interested in local history, family history,
  • social media, online resources,
  • staff training and community engagement.
  • Digital Rights Management
  • libraries and technology; effective changes with limited resources.
  • re-entering the library workforce after a break e.g after having children  or best ways of networking and/or keeping your skills/knowledge up to date
  • Overcoming institutional inertia
  • Open Access business records
  • How well the training library students receive matches with the needs of their employers.
  • libraries and culture,
  • libraries and craft,
  • cross-library collaboration,
  • online bibliographies,
  • setting up an ebook loan service.
  • Partnerships across library sectors.
  • VALA Conference Highlights
  • Reaching to non English speaking communities