What people have offered to talk about

Just like yesterday’s post, people have offered to talk about different things.

Here is their list….


  • research data management support provided by Australian libraries,
  • digitisation
  • Social networking.
  • Facilitate on – social media, the death of print, mobile devices, OER. Could speak briefly on learning objects and ownership (with respect to OER) if required
  • Happy to facilitate anything cloud, public library, makerspace, technology, web related.
  • research tools
  • Freedom, let’s make it more than just another word for nothing left to lose.
  • Maker Spaces and digital hubs
  • Working overseas – job boards, resources, making connections, professional community culture elsewhere (how is the profession viewed or perceived in different countries), likely job prospects.
  • happy to speak about:creative learning spaces in libraries – the boom of makerspaces and hands-on learningmarketing librariesdividing lending from learning – two kinds of libraries
  • I’m happy to present a session on Book Arts!  What’s it all about?  The focus of book arts is about telling stories using the form of the book and not just it’s text.
  • I can facilitate a session on disruptive IM technologies: e.g. ‘Whats App’ and ‘Viber’
  • Open social web tools
  • Little/easy/cheap ways for libraries to encourage use of/contribution to open access content
  • Researching sports information
  • The influence of the National Year of Reading. Was it good for libraries? Have there been enduring benefits? (cross-sectoral topic).
  • Community Development

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