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What topics do people want to hear about at #Libcamp14?

Are you coming to #Libcamp14- have you got your t-shirt yet?  (Go and get one, i’ll wait).

So you now have your t-shirt, and you are thinking, maybe I will talk about something….

Well, here is a list of what people have suggested they would like to hear about (just in case you were wondering)….

  • Maker spaces 2 years on
  • Job market now
  • Being made redundant and re-skilling.  What other possibilities are there?
  • Changing technologies, what will have the most impact?
  • Social media – to do or not to?
  • Digital/community hubs as the new library space, digitisation, maker spaces,
  • how new grads can get experience when every position requires experience, how to  network with librarians when you don’t work in a library yet.
  • Social networking, computers and devices, community libraries, YA reading.
  • Best apps. Favourite (relevant) blog. Building communities in the workplace (or workplace culture).
  • upskilling librarians for the sciences and the digital tools that scientists use.
  • Sharing knowledge and collaborating on LIS via social media (esp twitter: how can we be betterer at capturing knowledge on social networks?)
  • The future of libraries
  • Starting a new job in a library.. Getting past the nerves
  • Finding your first library job
  • Reader Development
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Adult literacy
  • Engaging young people in public libraries
  • Getting a job in IM.
  • Up and coming technologies that may affect IM.
  • Building on the degree – how can we fill gaps in skills & knowledge (and prove them to prospective employers)
  • Libraries and sustainability/green libraries,
  • advice for library studies students,
  • libraries and social justice,
  • progressive libraries in conservative times/libraries and politics,
  • partnerships between libraries and other services…
  • What do libraries and their staff actually want to gain from RDA?-
  • Learning to code: Has anyone done it? How, why, what language(s) and what are the benefits?
  • the death of the library technician
  • I’d like to hear more about specialist and research libraries and the innovations in these libraries
  • providing online services and connecting with patrons via social media.
  • Libraries as third spaces, the role of libraries in lessening socioeconomic/opportunity gaps
  • Social media in LIS collaboration
  • Digital services delivery,
  • social media in libraries,
  • staff technology training,
  • eBook/eAudio services to customers,
  • digitising collections,
  • authentication of library members to services
  • libraries as meeting places, libraries as computer hubs, libraries as an alternative to shopping in leisure time
  • libraries as a wealth of information
  • library events – ie classes/authors speaking etc
  • Anything RFID relatedAnything Google Maps (or GIS) related
  • Anything QR code related
  • I’m particularly interested in local history, family history,
  • social media, online resources,
  • staff training and community engagement.
  • Digital Rights Management
  • libraries and technology; effective changes with limited resources.
  • re-entering the library workforce after a break e.g after having children  or best ways of networking and/or keeping your skills/knowledge up to date
  • Overcoming institutional inertia
  • Open Access business records
  • How well the training library students receive matches with the needs of their employers.
  • libraries and culture,
  • libraries and craft,
  • cross-library collaboration,
  • online bibliographies,
  • setting up an ebook loan service.
  • Partnerships across library sectors.
  • VALA Conference Highlights
  • Reaching to non English speaking communities


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